(opportunity and self-discovery)

Like every wine, we each have our own terroir and family lineage connecting us to the place where our story was born. Van Der Lynden Cabernet Sauvignon honors the Cape wine tradition while celebrating my father James Lawrence Lynde (1932-2017) and his brother, the uncle I was named for, Robert Harrington Lynde (1938-2021). My journey to the Cape began over a century before the American Revolution, in 1624, with the birth of Simon Lynde in London. He was said to have been “bred to trade.” Me, too. Inheriting Simon’s passion, I discovered my opportunity in the South African wine community twenty-eight years ago. Here’s to the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who came before us, opening the doors of opportunity and self-discovery. Enjoy Responsibly.

~ Robert C. Lynde – Founder, Van Der Lynden Family Wines

VAN DER LYNDEN Cabernet Sauvignon

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