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In the early 1900s, the aristocratic Pinot Noir family from France, famous for growing the most noble of wine grapes that carried their family name, sent their young daughter off to South Africa to meet the son of a renowned farming family from the south of France – the Cinsault family. The young Cinsault, after striking out on his own in Africa, changed his name to Hermitage, determined to establish his own identity away from his father. When the beautiful, feminine, soft-spoken debutante met the handsome, strong-willed, upstart farmer,…..voila….. Life’s greatest treasures are often unexpected.

Lovechild Pinotage

Created in 1925, Pinotage was born from the union on Pinot Noir and Cinsault – or rather, “the debutant from Burgundy meets the farmer from the Rhône”. At times, the less refined farmer’s qualities tend to dominate Pinotage. However, fruit from the warmer Paardeberg and Bovlei areas of Paarl achieve the sugar levels required to produce softer, more elegant, more fruit driven wine. The fruit source for this wine is a single-vineyard of dry-farmed bush vines that are 25 to 28 years old. This fruit inspired the wine. With a nose suggestive of Oregon Pinot Noir, dried red berry fruit dominates the palate, all supported by an elegant structure and mouth feel with soft balanced tannins.

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