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Why Bob’s? My wines are a personal initiative to have a conversation with you about Africa. Each bottle, then, is an envoy of good wine and goodwill, bringing awareness of both the immediate delight and the humanitarian challenges that shape Africa today. Socially-conscious initiatives in for-profit companies can foster positive change. Sales of Bob’s branded wines allow me to give back to a people and country whom have given me so much. “Just take Bob home for dinner…”

Why South Africa? In 1994, President Nelson Mandela invited the world to embrace the New South Africa. I travelled there and fell in love with a land and people uplifted by truth and reconciliation.
I discovered a 350-year old winemaking history, steeped in cultural diversity (eleven official languages), in one of the most important biodynamic plant kingdoms in the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom. “This is my effort to share a small part of South Africa with you.”

wildlife in South Africa

Biodiversity describes the variety of life in an area, including the number of different species, the genetic wealth within each species, the interrelationships between them, and the natural areas where they occur.

An immensely rich species diversity is found in South Africa. With a land surface area of 1,1 million km2 – representing just 1% of the earth’s total land surface – South Africa contains almost 10% of the world’s total known bird, fish and plant species, and over 6% of the world’s mammal and reptile species. This natural wealth is threatened by growing human populations and their demands on the environment.

In the production of our wine labels, I was fortunate enough to work with a talented and thoughtful design team. They listened to what I love about South Africa and selected each symbol with thought and care to represent the diversity of this amazing country. Did you know that South Africa is home to more than 23,000 plant species? Please read on to learn about the importance of the wildlife we selected for the Bob’s AFRICAN wine label.

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BOB’S Chenin Blanc 2019

WINEMAKER’S COMMENT: Pale golden hay in color, this Chenin Blanc has a nose suggestive of spring flowers with hints of honeysuckle, all supported by balanced clean acids. Floral notes open to a mid palate suggestive of guava and melon flavors. The wine finishes dry and lingers long on the palate.



BOB’S Pinotage 2019

WINEMAKER’S COMMENT: Created in 1925, Pinotage was born from the union of Pinot Noir and Cinsault – or rather, “the debutant from Burgundy meets the farmer from the Rhone.” At times, the less refined farmer’s qualities tend to dominate Pinotage. However, fruit from the warmer Paardeberg and Bovlei areas of Paarl achieve the sugar levels required to produce softer, more elegant, more fruit driven wine. This Pinotage presents a nose suggestive of Oregon Pinot Noir; dried red berry fruit dominates the palate, all supported by soft balanced tannins.